Civil law lawyer in Douvaine

I am a civil law lawyer who welcomes you to my practice in Douvaine, not far from Annemasse and Thonon-les-Bains.

My services

in civil law


I have been practising as a lawyer since 2014 and handle all civil law cases. My areas of expertise cover various branches, including family law, personal law and consumer law.

As such, I can assist and advise you in a variety of situations: liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, domestic violence, cases relating to the individual, breach of the rules imposed in consumer contracts, etc.

Extensive expertise in civil law: family law, personal law, consumer law, etc.


My areas of expertise:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil law (consumer law, family and personal law)
  • Property law

My strong points:

  • Personalised approach
  • Rapid case assessment
  • Advice

Location :

I am available in Douvaine and the surrounding area (Annemasse, Thonon-les-Bains...).

A civil law lawyer to inform you of your rights

Lawyer in Douvaine


If you have any questions about civil law, come and see me. My skills enable me to quickly assess your case and seek a sound defence strategy.

I will also inform you of the rights and obligations that apply to your case. I keep abreast of changes in legal standards so that I can defend your rights in legal proceedings.

I implement a solid defence strategy to assert your rights

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